View Full Version : Windows Vista Error with all mounted Images

31.12.2006, 23:05

I'm having a problem installing any mounted image in Windows Vista using both Daemon tools 4.06 and 4.08. When I mount an image, everything looks like it's working, and I'm able to run the install. However, once setup kicks off and tries to install files, it comes back saying it can't find a cab file. It's a different cab file for Office 2003 and 2007, and different still for other ISOs I try to mount.

I would appreciate any help or suggestions you can offer, as all my attempts at research have turned up nothing.

I have tried a reinstall of Vista, so I doubt this is due to a bad OS install.


03.02.2007, 01:02
I would guess your images are screwed up. I doubt it has anything to do with DT.