View Full Version : StarForce help: Black Mirror

01.01.2007, 01:47
I need help backing up Black Mirror.
First, background: engineer, NOT cracker/hacker but fairly knowledgeable about Win computers, new to DT4
WinXP SP2, P4, 1 CDROM, 1 CDR/DVDRW (both IDE)
I have latest DAEMON Tools and Alcohol 120 installed.
I've made two images of Black Mirror: .iso and .mds. I've tried several ways to mount the images, from H/D and from CD. Each time I try this, the game must be installed. Then, when I try to mount again and play, StarForce kicks in, requests the key, and indicates that the match is bad.
StarForce has a confirmation screen to reboot to install drivers. I did this, but later removed the drivers via clean program (link at BoycottStarForce.org).
As I'm new to all this, I assume its operator error. Any help is appreciated.
1. Do I need to disconnect the IDE opto drives?
2. Is SF bypass only possible with SCSI drives?
3. Does the game need to be installed while mounted with DT4?
4. From orig CD's, the game must be installed to H/D. I assume running from backup comes AFTER install from backup, correct?