View Full Version : daemon403-x86

01.01.2007, 06:39
HIYA...ok I got this program through xfire...must o been a joke but now i can't delete it it says its bein used by another program or person...and when clicked it states its not a valid win 32 program...um please help me delete this, what do i need to shut off to get rid of it

01.01.2007, 17:10
You just need to delete the installer or you installed DTools and now are having problems removing it? If it's the latter, then you really should read the Common problems and solutions forum (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/remove-daemon-tools-v4-t6992.html). If it's the former, try making sure XFire is closed before deleting it, as it's probably locked by the program.