View Full Version : Call of Duty?

31.10.2003, 21:07
Anyone have this working?

I made an image using the last version of CloneCD before they shut thier doors. And i'm using the newest version of DT's.

It seems to want to start then stops and asks for cd.

Any advice?

Uses Safedisc.....it says so on the cd-key sticker.

03.11.2003, 21:34
Well. Got it to work. Unfortunately not with DT's.

Am now using the program GameDrive. Purchaseable at a Best Buy near you. 20 bucks and all my games work flawlessly!

Now i can put all my cd's away and not worry bout screwin one up!

12.11.2003, 15:00
My Call of Duty image works flawlessly with Daemon Tools.

12.11.2003, 15:28
Call of Duty is protected with SafeDisc 3 which can NOT be 100% copied by any burner I know. A copy made with a "partially SD3 capable" burner will work in some, but not all other drives.

Which hardware did you use, YellowPez? And furthermore, CloneCD is dead, you might want to consider trying Alcohol 120% (see my sig)
that might work better.

12.11.2003, 15:40
I don't need it to work in all other drives, I need it to work in mine, which it does :)

20.11.2003, 00:12
Ahhh!! I am new to DT and I have no idea how to get this to work. I can get the first disc to work but when it tells me to insert disc 2 nothing happens. What should I do???