View Full Version : All mounted images now ask to "Insert CD and yrt again"

04.01.2007, 03:49
Have been using Daemon for years with no problems, now all mounted images are not running. I've uninstalled/updated to V.4 with no luck. I've switched drive letter with my dvd-rw to make the virtual drive the lowest letter, also with no luck. All emulation options are on. Even ISO's that previously worked with Daemon no longer work. What am i missing here?

04.01.2007, 18:02
Hey, I have the same problem with both DT and Alcohol 120. When I mount the image files and double click the icon in My Computer it either says: DRIVE NOT FORMATTED Please insert CDROM and try again (or something like that), OR it says "Windows cannot read from this disc. It might be corrupted or of a format not familiar to Windows." I have not yet found a solution to this. If anyone knows, please post the solution. I'm running WinXP Pro SP2 (pretty new installation)