View Full Version : Lagging problems

07.01.2007, 09:23
Hi All,
I noticed this when I installed alcohol 120% so I assume its a universal problem on my PC with virtual drives.
Well anyway, I installed the latest daemons tools and tried to install the sims 2, it worked but on screens it just hung and after hitting ctr alt del it will get out of the hanging stage.
Now, with the Sims 2, it will only work some times. When it does not work it flashs into the sims and a few secs later im back in windows. I havent tried anything else at this stage but I am sure there is something wrong with my system.
Im running xp sp2, althon 3200 xp on asus a8n-sli board, the primary drive is a sata drive and 1gb of ram.
any suggestions?

07.01.2007, 16:25
Does the game play with the original disc? Btw, Alcohol and DTools use the same virtual drives.

08.01.2007, 03:08
Yes it does.
I managed to get it working last night and this morning its doing the same thing, could it be something to do with the cache?

Also, dont know if its related, but when I change the option to disable auto start, the pc just hangs. I hit ctr alt del and I get a zone alarm pop up, but I dont know what the message says it doesnt fully load