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16.01.2007, 22:44
Im wondering if daemon tools can mount a floppy diskette image

Bytes Per Sector 512
Cilinders 80
Media Type 2
Sectors Per Track 18
Tracks Per Cylinder 2

It probably cant handle fat12 partitions ?
Or can I try again with a cue file ?

There is a minor bug I found :

I got a Laptop for the kids, Its a Dell inspiron 1200
I t got 1 DVD/CD Player ( And no floppy diskette )
If the kids play a real DVD, After that
if the kids finish watching the movie , I cant mount a cd-rom image file

I need to reboot to fix this

17.01.2007, 10:29
for a virtual floppy look here http://www.tippscout.de/floppy-image-for-windows-use-a-file-as-your-floppy-disk-drive_tipp_2646.html

18.01.2007, 22:17
Just for your information, Locutus posted this in the suggestion forums... You'll need to look into another app (like the one above maybe) for diskette emulation... Here's what Locutus had to say:

Daemon Tools will NEVER EVER
(1) support Floppy Disk Drive emulation.
(2) support CD-Burner-Emulation
We don't implement it so please don't ask for FDD-support or CD-Burner-Emulation anymore
Thank you

19.01.2007, 00:07
Im not asking for Floppy Disk Drive emulation

Can daemon tools in theory mount a floppy image ?

19.01.2007, 03:10
The point is that you should look for other programs to handle floppy disk emulation. I don't really have a comment on the 'in theory' stuff.