View Full Version : Daemon-Tools and Windows 95

The Dude
05.11.2003, 21:53

I havew a problem,... I have windows 95 without USB and I'm not able to install it because the setup tells me that daemon need USB

Is there any Patch or some kind to fix that?

The Dude

05.11.2003, 22:04
You need Win95b or higher, if you've the Win95c cd it is in the other\usb folder, if not google for usbsupp.exe ;)
you also need the Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher, 5.5 recommended!

05.11.2003, 22:45
Usbsupp is here: http://www.daemon-tools.cc/files/usbsupp.zip

The Dude
06.11.2003, 05:26
ok that worked fine, thnx :D

but now I have another problem,.. the setup program tells me something about getting a service pack with a newer windows installer,...???

do you know where to get this "windows installer"?

06.11.2003, 08:17