View Full Version : The install does absolutely nothing.

23.01.2007, 00:15
Greetings all,

I just installed v4.0x and it just does absolutely nothing, whether clicking the desktop icon, or Start->Programs, or the executable file itself in Windows Explorer. I tried reinstalling a couple of times, without the toolbar, using the legacy version, etc., and it just won't do anything. It doesn't even try. I am running Windows 2000 Version 5.0, SP4. Any ideas?


23.01.2007, 10:28
Did you notice the icon in the system tray? Or the help file, which would have explained how Daemon Tools works?

23.01.2007, 16:46
First off, if you are referring to the taskbar, then yes, that is the first place I looked, having been told it should be there by the individual/company who suggested that I install it in the first place. There was nothing there.

Second off, I am notorious for being inappropriately blunt myself, to put it nicely, so I don't think you want to go there.

Finally, apology accepted.

Now if anyone would care to _actually_ help me with this, it would be most appreciated. I need this tool at the moment to do my job.

23.01.2007, 17:18
Just for my interest, who told you to install it?

23.01.2007, 18:58
Maybe; why would that be of interest to you?

23.01.2007, 20:35
I'm not sure I understand why you'd need it for your job - and I'm assuming that's why Goenk was asking - but keep in mind that if you use DTools for commercial purposes that it MUST be registered. Obviously you need to get it working first, though. Are there any error messages in the Event Log?