View Full Version : Windows vista not detecting new disks entered into drive

23.01.2007, 16:03
I am pretty sure this is related to the fact that dt disables autoload or something when it first installs, ever since it has done this i am unable to burn disks in wmp11 and in windows explorer the name of the disk does not appear where the drive is, it still has the name of the first disk i entered when i first installed windows.

Anyone else with vista have a similar problem or experienced this on XP. Up till now i have never had a problem with DT.

23.01.2007, 23:23
try updating to SPTD 1.39

23.01.2007, 23:40
try updating to SPTD 1.39
If that doesn't help try SPTD 1.40 Beta (http://disc-tools.com/download/sptdbeta)