View Full Version : cannot remove daemon tool 3.47 version

26.01.2007, 01:50

Since I could not install the latest version due to kernel debugger installed in my com., I installed of 3.47 version.
But bluescreened during installing and rebooted.
After rebooted I could see that there's only a desktop icon but no in start menu and no in system tray. But I could see an added virtual CD-drive in explorer.
Anyway I could not execute the program.
So I resumed the install and finished successfully.
But I could not execute.
And I could not remove the program because there's no list of daemen in program add/delete in control panel and no uninstall in start menu.

How can I remove this program?

26.01.2007, 11:07
For manual removal procedure of such obsolete version check thread about error 25002 in common problems and solutions forum.

02.02.2007, 05:08
How can I remove this program?
You can always try to install (again)/then uninstall..:)