View Full Version : Bootable OS install with other files

01.02.2007, 03:11
Hey, does any one know if it's possible to make a disc that has an OS installer that you can boot to but also backup files.

Like a DVD that when in the drive and booted from it lets you install windows but also has other files, like driver installers and other program installers so it can all be done as soon as windows is installed without having to get online to get the anti-virus and such first?

01.02.2007, 17:41
BartPE sounds like what you're searching for. Search Google for it. As for Windows installs on the same disc, look at www.msfn.org for details.

01.02.2007, 18:22
nLite (http://www.nliteos.com/index.html)

Look here.

10.02.2007, 10:27
I've been using nLite as well for integrating sATA drivers into XP's Installation CD, worked like a charm. Then again, that's nothing too fancy, so I don't know how integrating more complex programs will work.

I suggest you get Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 (http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=6D58729D-DFA8-40BF-AFAF-20BCB7F01CD1&displaylang=en) (free) to test your CD in a virtual machine. If you're using Vista, you'll need the Virtual PC 2007 beta to test (2004 doesn't support Vista as a Host OS), which will only run until march if I recall correctly. You'll need to sign up at MS to get the beta, but it's free as well.