View Full Version : DVD burner disappears after install (Vista)

03.02.2007, 00:52
I've never had a problem using DT on XP. I recently installed Vista (RTM, fresh install) and now after I install it, my Pioneer-A08 dvd burner completely disappears. It doesn't show up under My Computer, it's totally disappeared under Device Manager and inserting a disc doesn't do a thing. However, DT works just fine. So I uninstalled DT, and when it completes I go to the Device Manager and Scan for hardware Changes, and after a few seconds, my burner pops back up! I've done this several times, so I know it's somehow related to Daemon Tools. I've installed the latest SPTD 1.40 with no help. I know it's probably my settings somehwhere, but I'm not sure where. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!

Ps- DT version is 4.08HE
Burning software is ImgBurn
No other burning software installed (alcohol, etc.)

21.04.2007, 22:48
FYI- This problem was resolved after updating my bios (ABIT AV8 motherboard).

22.04.2007, 16:15
Sorry we weren't able to help you, but good to hear you got your problem resolved.