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03.02.2007, 01:47
Hi Everyone,

As you can see I am new here and just registered. Now I know this isn't worth a post but I've registerd for a reason. :D

When I installed the latest daemon tools on a clean install of windows xp mce I got a nvenetfd.sys bsod. Now this happend during the night when I was downloading. Now I use acronis true image so as an test I restore my pc to the point before I installed daemon tools. And I never got the bsod again. Is there a possiblity that this bsod error is caused by DT? Right after I installed the software (the same night) I got the bsod. When I put back my backup without the software I never had any bsod before and after it. The the past I've used DT a long time. Never any problems. But now with my new installation the new sptd might be the problem? Anyone else experences similair problems?:confused:

So it must have something to do with DT? I saw on the forum that someone said this driver is part of the nvidia networkcard driver. And that's true. He also said to update up to the lastest. I have the latest 9.53 nforce drivers so I can't update it any higher. :rolleyes:

03.02.2007, 19:40
Try uninstalling the NIC driver, installing DTools, then reinstalling the NIC driver.

11.02.2007, 18:27
Alright....when I have the time to test this I will. Now is not the best time for me to check it out. It's better to check it when I have to download alot so it can run all night long,etc.

But if I may ask.....why do you think this might help? :confused: