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03.02.2007, 08:51
Today I downloaded the latest version of daemon tools compatible to Vista - version 4.08HE. I am using Vista Ultimate 32 bit.

The problem I have is I am using Windows Media Center and its plugin My Movies. Basically My Movies sets up the script to call Daemon tools to mount an Iso of a saved movie, so it can begin playing.

However, The secure mode of daemon tools is causing a problem - each time the UI mounts the image, it is sitting and waiting (remember Media Center is a HTPC software package in Vista - and controls the whole UI, the user is using a remote control in the 10 foot UI experience.)

So up pops behind the scene the prompts for Secure Mode, the application does not see them, and sits waiting...

Now I can turn Secure Mode off via the Options tag when I right click on the Daemon Tools icon. Everything now works fine. Except it is not remembered - If I reboot the machine / logon/off - the next time daemon tools runs - it is started with the default od Secure Mode on. I need it to start with this mode off or to remember its last setting.

Searched the forums - and found nothing - well nothing in English. It never used to work this way on XP and older versions - and is now impeading the use of this application.

Any clues or workarounds to this problem - would be muchly appreciated...

03.02.2007, 14:01
Please update to SPTD layer v1.40 and report if the problem is solved:

03.02.2007, 23:20
Thanks - appears that it solved this problem - Thankyou again...

Support the great achievment of this software... Have always liked and used it... The forum responsible for the My Movies plugin for MCE however appears to have little trust or recommendation for daemon tools, despite in the past suggesting its use. They now apparantly dont recommend it, and somewhat blame it for all problems in the world - pity.

But I am a happy camper again... Thanks