View Full Version : install message 'you need to reboot after previous installation'

03.02.2007, 22:54
I am running Vista Ultimate 32bit.

I attempted to install 4.08HE and it said i must reboot after a previous installation.

I then tried to install SPTD 1.40 after advice from these forums.

i then rebooted and tried DT and it sais again "you must reboot after previous installation"

i then went into safemode removed SPTD rebooted back into SM then installed SPTD rebooted back into SM and attempted to install DT but it again gives the same error "you need to reboot after previous installation"

now i'm totaly stuck please help.


04.02.2007, 08:31
I would remove reg entries.... I recently installed Vista Home Premium 64, not long after i returned to XP. I hope that service/s-w providers will account for the demand for 64 O/S. If you have problems removing/finding reg entries try CCleaner or Reg Cleaning s-w.

04.02.2007, 14:49
i tried using CCleaner and then restarted, but with no luck i'm afraid same issue.

I checked the registry under local machine > software and there are no reg entries for DT that i can see.