View Full Version : After DT install Vista is no longer "Activated" HELP!

04.02.2007, 18:22
Every time I insatll the tools it only takes a few minutes and I get the message that Vista is not activated and I loose many of the functions in Vista. When I uninstall DT the messages stop. Anyone got any ideas?

04.02.2007, 21:11
never heard of that one...
what happens then if you re-activate after daemon tools is installed?

04.02.2007, 21:31
won't let ya activate until I uninstall DT? :mad:

04.02.2007, 22:58
it will not let me activate. also control panel comes up as a blank page...no icons. once I reboot it is fine....for a while. I uninstalled DT and problem is gone. Oh well.