View Full Version : Problems uninstalling DT and hard-to-die virtual drives

06.02.2007, 01:43
a couple of weeks ago i wanted to upgrade from DT 3 to DT 4 and i uninstalled the old one and installed the newer. The problem was that once i did it i found not 1 but 3 virtual drives... 1 for DT 4 and 2 for DT 3 (as it was before i uninstalled it). Now i've uninstalled DT 4 but the virtual drives are still there, such as the program was still in the system... there are still the images mounted and i cannot delete them from my pc... but there aren't any keys in the registry about DT, nor in the add/revove programs in control panel obviously.
Anyone can help me?

Tnx a lot!

06.02.2007, 11:44
Check thread about error 25002 in common problems and solutions forum for manual removal procedure of v3.43-v3.47.