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07.02.2007, 00:41
I can't install daemon tools on windows vista ultimate (32 bit version), it says it works with windows vista so I don't know what the problem is. First when I go click on the link to download daemon tools 4.08 x86 I get a dumb error message that I don't even understand. It says:failed to get data for "type", but then the download pulls up after and I download it. Then I install it and it asks me to reboot so I go ahead. When my computer starts up again and I get into the desktop I notice daemon tools isn't there because it's supposed to autostart on startup, there's no desktop icon and daemon tools doesn't show up in add/remove programs.

So I go to the start menu and find the folder and click on the shortcut it says the shortcut pathway is missing. So I go to check in program files and if the folder was there and it wasn't. Looks like all it installed where the shortcuts in documents and settings and nothing else. So then I go to click on the installer and it gives me another error message:you must reboot after previous operation. So I do it and when my computer loads back into the os nothing happened. So I try the installer again but it gives me the same stupid message. So currently I can't install it even if I restart my computer multiple times because it will give me the same error message again

07.02.2007, 21:37
Check this thread:

10.02.2007, 03:08
That was only a temporary fix, after the first reboot when you install it, it works. On the next reboot of your computer it will autostart and give that sptd and kernel debugger issue. You guys need to resolve this issues with vista.

20.05.2009, 07:57
I also have the kernel debugger issue. Did it ever get resolved or do you recommend a different software when using Vista? :confused: