View Full Version : BSOD/Crash with Norton Antivirus 2004

08.11.2003, 17:08
Operating System: Windows XP SP1
Burning Software: Ahead Nero
Anti-virus Software: Norton 2004 Professional
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.41

After trying to mount certain bin files, sometimes only when installing, I get a BSOD (can't remember the message) caused by SYMEVENT.SYS. This is Symantec Events, used by Norton Antivirus 2004 Professional. I had no problems when running Norton 2003.

It happened 60% of the time with disc 2 of Call of Duty. (And then it's blacklisted to the installation was corrupt. Solved with WinISO).
It happened 100% of the time with disc 2 of Return of the King, but ONLY when installing. I could mount disc 2 when not installing, with no problems. (Explain this please?!)

Confirmed by uninstalling Norton Antivirus. Now works like a charm.

I can mail my minidump.

08.11.2003, 18:19
I use nav 2004 and have never had any problems. If anything, you should mail your dmp file to symantec.

08.11.2003, 19:13
Perhaps I'll do that! :shock:

15.11.2003, 16:13
Operating System: Windows 2000 SP4
Burning Software: Nero Ultra Edition
Anti-virus Software: Norton Antivirus 2004 Pro
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.41

More info on this subject.

Mounting images locally work fine, but anything from my Samba file server causes a BSOD even with the all upcase fix. Now, when I disable Norton Antivirus, mounting images from my file server works fine.