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07.02.2007, 18:36
Hi Guys,

I'm really stuck and hoped that someone could point me in the reight direction. I'm not sure if i'm posting inthe riht place but bear with me.

I've seen a load of posts regards people who ask to be able to mount a directory as a drive. The usual answer is to ISO up the contents or to use SUBST or map a network drive.

None of these will work for me. What I really need is a way of mounting a directory (for read-write access) as a device. This is for use in conjunction with VMWare.

VMWare is a pain in the arse when you dont want to use its virtual disk files. I have 150gb of data I would like to be available as a drive letter within a VM but NOT encapsulated in a VMDisk image - i.e. I want the data to be written to the physical disk. Unfortunately you cant have multiple VM's accessing the same physical disk in this way as corruption and data loss occurs.

I dont want to map a network drive as that means i'm using the network stack. I dont want to ISO up my 150gb of data (understandably) and need it to be read write anyway. I dont want to use SUBST as it simply creates a mount point rather than appears as a physical device.

DT, NERO, Alcohol 120% can all create virtual SCSI devices - which is EXACTLY what I want - however, I want the virtual SCSI device to be a directory rather than an ISO etc and be read/write rather than be mounted as a CD device.

Can anyone help or point me to some tools that will do what I need.



P.S. First Post - please be gentle