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08.11.2003, 19:42
Operating System: Windows XP /Windows ME
Burning Software: Nero 5.9/ CloneCD 4
Anti-virus Software: Avast! Home
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.41

I created images of Quake1 and Quake 2 discs. Images are good, I can mount and install game or hear the soundtracks by the Windows Media Player.
But when I play the game, I can't play soundtracks. I search the forum and found solution - change the virtual cd-rom's letter to next after last hdd partition. It's works BUT only under Windows ME. Under Windows XP Pro game can't detect disk in drive, and when I insert game CD in my real CD-ROM, game will find the CD and play soundtracks. Looks like under Windows XP game don't see virtual Cd-ROM or can't use him. In Quake's technical reference I can read "Quake will use first CD-ROM in system", and if I remove letters (under Windows XP disc management) of all my real CD-ROM drives, game will see virtual CD-ROM. If I set a letter (next to letter of virtual CD-ROM, i.e. virtual CD-ROM has a "H" letter, I set a letter "I" to real CD-ROM) to any real CD-ROM - game will not see virtual CD-ROM - looks like virtual CD-ROM is not a first CD-ROM in system.
Question: how I can use these images under Windows XP without removing letters to my real CD-ROMs ? I cen't remove letters, play the game, quit the game, assigning letters, make some work, remove letters, play the quake etc etc.
Is there any solution except working under Windows ME ? Maybe next version of Daemon Tools ???
Sorry for my English :-).
Of course I test any combination analog/digital audio...

11.11.2003, 09:04
You should address this question to ID Software;)

16.11.2003, 12:05
You should address this question to ID Software;)
But why it works under Windows ME ?