View Full Version : im a newbie...

08.11.2003, 22:09
I just downloaded daemon tools and it is working great. I hav got some files from a friend of mine, and they are working great. Now i just wanna now how to get/download these files (image files, iso or what they are)

09.11.2003, 10:07
I hope you know that most of these images you're talking about are illegal, and you should know that we DO NOT support any kind of illegal stuff on this board!
Images you "got from a friend" and "want to download" are most likely not legal ones, so you should also know why you got the warning window - I hope this answers your question in the support forum, too!

06.04.2004, 19:05
Why ask when you already know a way? Go to that friend of yous.

06.04.2004, 19:19
No need to bring up these old threads again!