View Full Version : bsod on install of latest dt stop:0x00000024 help!!!

10.02.2007, 16:27
hi all,

hope you can help me here, i am running window xp media center edition and have just installed dt latest one on web site and on reboot keeps bsod all the time.

iv done the safe mode trick thats been posted and no luck still bsod.

iv just tried a window repair and when it gets to the bit where it starts to install windows bsod again apears.

i am really screwed now iv un hoocked all my dvd drives hdds apart from my main one and my sata pci card the only card i left in was my ide controler card and still no luck.

i get stop: 0x00000024 (0x001902fe,0xf7a1bb6c,0xf7a1b868,0xf7234746)

on bsod

not sure if i had all my drive letters used up on my pc as i have 6 hdds 3 dvd drives and i noticed i had my usb card reader pluged in which has 4 drives when i did the dt install.

also i have alchol 120% installed nero ultra latest one.

can some one help or do i need to do a resh install now?

14.02.2007, 05:45
Does it list a dll or sys file? Does it give any more information in the BSOD?

If you can access it, check for a minidump in C:\Windows\minidump and send the file to support@daemon-tools.cc and reference this thread.

You may need to remove the HDD and hook it up to another machine, or reinstall Windows on another drive temporarily.

Doing this will give the support team more information to work with, and will help them to help you. If you can get into Safe mode at all, you can also try running the SPTDinst.exe standalone installer and remove SPTD that way (assuming that's not what you meant above about the Safe Mode "trick").