View Full Version : Running Daemon Tools in D: drive?

10.02.2007, 23:12
I am using Daemon tools to install a CD onto my computer, and it works great, but when I try to open the CD, it gives me an error saying I need the CD to be in the regular CD-ROM drive. My question is;

Can Daemon Tools run a CD as if it were in the D: drive?

Is there some program that can change a CDs reading of the path is should run on?

Or should I just burn it onto a real CD and use that. But I was wondering in that case, if I burnt a CD would I have to put it in every time I play or could I use Daemon Tools or another tool to run the game without the CD?

14.02.2007, 05:46
Sounds like your image isn't good enough. What program did you use to create the image and what settings did you use? Also, you may need an anti-blacklist program such as YASU.