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11.02.2007, 13:45
After i installed 3.x version of deamon tools to my 64 bit notebook after the reboot it started to freeze at the tray so i cant do anything.the only thign that i can do is opening task manager end closing and starting explorer.exe then it comes normal.what shall i do :confused:

11.02.2007, 14:24
What gave you the idea, v3.x would be Vista compatible!?
Which exact 3.x version did you install anyway? Un-install it in control panel -> software.
Install SPTD layer v1.42:
Then install Daemon Tools v4.08.

11.02.2007, 14:29
i installed 3.47 before.and i have 64 bit xp not vista does it make a difference :S

11.02.2007, 14:48
Check thread about error 25002 in common problems and solutions forum to ensure all leftovers of v3.47 are removed.
If it still hangs, it's not caused by Daemon Tools.

11.02.2007, 16:08
They didnt work.How?! this thing happened after installing your software.

11.02.2007, 17:44
"They didn't work? How?" - Huh? What didn't work?
Anyhow, if you removed v3.47 completely (especially its driver files), Daemon Tools doesn't work, thus it can not cause any hang.
Anyhow, I hope you rebooted after v3.47 removal.
Surprisingly though how you'd installed v3.47 in 64bit XP anyway ...

11.02.2007, 17:46
i know i know..which things can it change? what shall i do now? im in a really bad position :confused:

13.02.2007, 22:43
i have the same problem!

16.02.2007, 12:05
i think this problem cant be solved damn..?!