View Full Version : DT and SPTD neither startable nor removable after vista-upgrade

12.02.2007, 12:50
hey folks i hope anyone has a clue or something for me.
I ran alcohol 120% and daemon tools under xp, after update to vista, dt no longer found the sptd-driver.
so i removed daemon tools.
The installer asks me to reboot over and over again.
I read some threads about removing sptd completely. so i started up in safe mode, und set the sptd-service to (4), and deleted my sptd.sys from /system32/drivers.
the sptd-installer now reports there's no sptd installed, regardless if i again install them...
the registry-entries under "currentcontrolset" are somewhat read only, i can't delete them.
dt-installer still wants me to reboot, whenever i do so or not

at first i'd like to know where exactly the problem for dt is to simply install. if it's just this one reg-entry, how to remove it?

and yes i ran regedit with admin-rights, alcohol is uninstalled to.

thanks for all your help

a frustrated dt-lover :(

12.02.2007, 15:58
Remove SPTD layer & all software using it and reboot, then delete entire sptd key in CurrentControlSet\Services hive, re-install SPTD layer v1.42:
After reboot, run SPTD installer again to ensure SPTD is installed and working correctly. If it reports no SPTD layer version found, DO NOT install Daemon Tools! We've to figure out what's the issue with SPTD layer then.
If it reports SPTD v1.42 detected, you can re-install all software using SPTD layer.

12.02.2007, 17:16
the sptd-installer is always reporting that it's not installed

12.02.2007, 19:08
I tried this process and I can get SPTD uninstalled and then reinstalled but DT will not stop giving me the Reboot message.

This system is an upgrade from XP to Vista Business. What is strange is that I have another system that is a clean install of Vista Business and it works great and no troubles with the installs.

14.02.2007, 04:56
That's because upgrades from one version of Windows to another is notoriously a bad idea. Ask any technician worth his salt, and he'll tell you to do a fresh install of Windows. And before you ask, yes you can install an Upgrade version on a clean HDD. You just need a copy of the previous version of Windows available for authentication during setup.