View Full Version : Alcohol has no profile settings

13.02.2007, 22:21
It's been a long time since I've tried to make a backup, but I got San Andreas and want to try now. So I got the new Alcohol installed, and went to "Image Making Wizard." Back when I used it, I thought that you could just select the profile (Securom, Safedisc, etc.) on the first page...but it's not there, or anywhere else I can find it? I found the list of them in the Settings, where I can change their settings, but I can't access them. Do I have to turn something on?

14.02.2007, 11:03
If you are trying to make a CD image, this is kinda strange. On the other way, there are no profiles for DVDs...

15.02.2007, 17:31
As Kinlaadare says if the Game is on DVD there are no profiles to choose from but as the Game is protected with Securom 7 you will need to read DPM when creating the Image and burn RMPS to disc when you burn the Image.