View Full Version : Unable to uninstall, "outstanding open handles"

16.02.2007, 20:33
Im using Win XP SP2 and are unable to uninstall Daemon Tools. I run the "uninst"-file in my Daemon folder but it gives me the following error-message:
I tried setting "Set number of devices..." to "Disable" but it still gives me the message.
Anybody know?

17.04.2007, 11:32
i can't uninstall eiher. my cd dvd burners only register as cd burners now win xp pro sp2 what do i do?

18.04.2007, 05:49
This indicates that some software is running on your PC that opened handle to SCSI controller (not actual CDROM) and this prevents Windows from removing it. Such issue was noticed on PCs which have some RAID utilities running.
This is informational message only for user so he has possibility to close this application and then Retry removal. You can safely Ignore it, but then reboot will be required.