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20.02.2007, 15:09
Im trying to install Daemon Tools 4.08 on a clean install of Vista Ultimate (32bit). Im running in administrator mode and starting the installer, it tells me it has to reboot the PC and continue with the installation upons restart.
However when it trys to reboot the PC starts up, then shuts off before i see the Vista splash screenThe PC then restarts to the screen saying "Windows has had a problem with recent hardware or software change...ect".
Choosing the option to start windows normally, or safe mode both causes the PC to loop back to this error. The only way I can get back to windows is to choose "Last Known Good Configuration".
Any ideas what might be going wrong here?

20.02.2007, 18:51
Install SPTD layer v1.42:
Report if it helps. Also check Windows\Minidump folder for crash dumps related to that crash.

20.02.2007, 20:48
Hi Copytrooper,

I tried running the SPTD v142, but i get this message -

"You must reboot after previous operation."

When i reboot, i get the exact same problems described in my first post. Im guessing this means my problem is something to do with the SPTD software?

Also I do not seem to have a Minidump folder in the Windows directory.

20.02.2007, 21:26
Check this thread:
regarding r0 key (SPTD related) and the Daemon Tools related key mentioned in first post - ensure both don't exist in registry, delete them if any exist.

20.02.2007, 21:51
Ok, managed to get the SPTD v142 Installed by deleting the reg keys mentioned, all looked good. Then went to reboot to PC, and got a BSOD:mad:

The BSOD just gave the text saying -

"A problem has been detected, and windows has been shut down to prevent damage".

"STOP: 0x00000078, (0xC0000420,0x824C5BEE,0x83004318,0x83004014)"

.. and again the only way to get back into windows was to choose "Last known good config" from the start menu, and i seem to be back to square one.

Any other thoughts?

Also my system specs:
AMD Athlon64 3500+
Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe Mobo (Bios Rev 1016)
Windows Vista 32bit Ultimate Edition

Any other ideas