View Full Version : cannot upgrade to Vista because of DT

21.02.2007, 04:03
I am currently trying to upgrade from Windows XP Pro to Windows Vista Ultimate... When I get passed the checking compatibility screen i get this message:

Close Windows installation, go to Programs, and uninstall the following programs:

o Daemon Tools

I have deleted uninstalled daemon tools, uninstalled the virtual drives, deleted registry entries, and still have the same problem...

I searched for this in the forum and couldn't find any help, if this problem has been addressed already i'm sorry, just link me to the thread.

Thanks!! =)

21.02.2007, 11:04
Uninstall SPTD as well. Download the standalone installer from www.disk-tools.com and run it, then choose uninstall.

21.02.2007, 23:37
i deleted the sptd registry entries as well as its driver file... still the same problem... what else could i need to delete?

thanks again for the help...

22.02.2007, 17:05
Try reinstalling and then uninstalling using the tool from the link I posted. When you manually removed it, it's possible you didn't get everything.

23.02.2007, 22:26
i did that... nothing worked... i also removed all of the new sptd registry entries...