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11.11.2003, 02:25
I just bought Neverwinter Nights gold today, and I ripped the discs using Clone CD and then installed the games using those CCD images. But when I try to play the game, the little loading screen comes up, then goes away, and that's it, nothing else happens.

Did I rip the discs with the wrong program? Does anyone even know what coppy protection it has or what I need to have emulated (I have all emulated right now).

I appreciate the help.

11.11.2003, 03:14
hehe... this always happens when I post a question on a message board.

Umm... I figured it out. I justed used BlindWrite to rip it and then used the BlindWrite 3rd Party plug-in (available in the download section :D ). It works now...

umm... hehe... thanks?