View Full Version : Alchol probs

11.11.2003, 10:08
so anyway I go into Alcohol 120% and try to make a copy of a game, named Call of Duty, which has SafeDisc 3.10 protection. So i go to Copy wizard and select SafeDisc down the bottom, go through the wizard and then it starts reading to image file

this takes AGES with HEAPS of errors, but the problem is time. It takes AGES stuck on 0% forever. Is this suppost to happen?

11.11.2003, 10:20
Yes, the read errors are part of the protection.
You can try the fast dump feature to speed up the reading process.

11.11.2003, 11:39
FastDump? where and how?

11.11.2003, 11:46
In Daemon Tools enable SafeDisc emulation/in Alcohol enable "BAD sectors emulation" and minimize it, start the game, exit the game, leave cd in the drive, start/maximize Alcohol and read the cd with SafeDisc profile -> all bad sectors should be read within ca. 10 secs.

11.11.2003, 12:16
I have a drive which isnt compatible with "EFM" will I be able to make a mountable image of Call of Duty that doesn't ask for a CD?

11.11.2003, 12:53
The image will always be "good", the EFM "problem" occurs during writing only.