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11.11.2003, 12:28

it would be nice if cd-rom drive's were arrangeable. or to redirect applications/drives to a specified drive (virtual/real)

I know it's possible to change drie letter but. i have tried and failed. so its basicly messed up good . :P

the reason i am suggesting a feature to re-map drives is because many programs (when installed off a virtual drive) still check a real drive when i try to use them and then ofcourse say that i have inserted the wrong cd.

getting this error:

Cannot locate the CD-ROM [ x ]

Please insert the correct CD-ROM, select OK and restart application

[ ok ]


(ok i know i'm not very artistic but that's not the point :P)

Programs that can already do this are by all means welcome.

i don't know what's the deal with having more than 4 virtual drives, as there are many apps that do support it. but i have have read that you can't talk about. if you can't say why here then you could always email me at venom_zx@msn.com if you want... :o

thank you for your time and keep up the great work

venom_zx :wink:

12.11.2003, 20:11
I can't believe no one is interested. :(

12.11.2003, 20:37
No one is interested because such a feature IS already present in dtools. It is very easy to change drive letters. Your problem is probably caused by some software/filter driver locking the drive.

12.11.2003, 20:59
thank you for the response!

so how could i figure out what exactly is causing this , and solve it?

this is new to me

12.11.2003, 21:24
What burning software do you have installed?

12.11.2003, 21:30
only Nero 6 (Ultra edition)