View Full Version : How come Rainbow 6 Vegas is the only thing that will mount?

24.02.2007, 07:40
First off, let me say that this is my very first time using Daemon Tools and I searched for this topic but didn't find anything closely related to it.

I mounted a Rainbow 6 Vegas image, installed the game, then unmounted it. After that, I then tried to mount a Paraworld .iso and instead of loading up that game into the virtual drive, it loaded up R6 Vegas again. I have tried everything, including completely dissabling all the virtual drives and making more than one drive, no matter what happens, R6 Vegas keeps showing up instead of any other images. What the hell is going on? Also, even after I deleted the image I used to mount the virtual drive, it still runs as though it is still there. Did DT make a backup of those files somewhere? I really want to avoid having 4+ GB of unnecessary data on my computer.

24.02.2007, 13:34
DT doesn't make backups... never heard of this problem before..
but you could try to update to the latest sptd