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b psycho
25.02.2007, 01:32
Is it currently possible to have it so Daemon applies emulation options to a virtual drive that Daemon didn't create itself?

Reason I ask is I recently did major upgrades to my computer, including a brand new hard drive, so I've had to reinstall everything. My previous setup had both Daemon and another program, yet now that I've reinstalled both I notice each program now makes its own virtual drive, and having two is too confusing. I don't remember how that setup worked before, only that the emulation worked fine and there was a single drive.

25.02.2007, 18:38
ABout which program are you talking with 'another program'?

b psycho
25.02.2007, 23:24
Alcohol 120.

b psycho
25.02.2007, 23:26
I'm posting this other one because it won't let me edit the previous message, since it's moderated. I forgot to mention that I didn't set up the previous installation, while I did the current one, so I don't know what order they were installed in or if it matters.

26.02.2007, 05:06
Why not just disable the Virtual Drive in the other program (set it to 0)?