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25.02.2007, 07:08
I have an image and it's copy protected. when I Mount it with virtual daemon tools ver 3.47 ,setup recognize virtual cd and ask me original cd, but when I mount same image on other computer, image mounted and setup ran and passed from copy protected, program installed and ran successfully. I tested image on other computers (2 computer) but it didn't work. Image is an alcohol image. it works only on 1 computer (I test it more and more on this computer it works. ) however image didn't make on these 4 computers. by the way I tested other version and last version of daemon but this didn't change anythings.
(I can't speak and write English as well as you, if I have mistakes forgive me)
Can I ask you help me?
Thanks a lot.

25.02.2007, 19:41
WHich game/program do you try to run on the pc's?
Did you scan the protection of the game/program (e.g. with Protectio ID or ARay-Scanner)?
WHat (read-)settings did you use in Alcohol to create the image?

26.02.2007, 06:31
I used A-Ray Scanner and it's Report is here:

[08:29:52 Ю.Щ] Signs on CD/DVD indicate SafeDisc 2/3
[08:29:58 Ю.Щ] SafeDisc 4.00.002 detected -> I:\SETUP.EXE
[08:29:59 Ю.Щ] --- File(s) Scan Finished [4.06s] ---

Tanx foy your attention.

26.02.2007, 21:12
Try using some antiblacklisting tools.
I recommend using SD4Hide, CureROM or YASU (but YASU is designed for Securom, if i remember right. I was away for some months, but you can get it at the dload section).