View Full Version : Vista problems

25.02.2007, 15:34
Title on box "SPTD setup V1.39 (c) 2004 Duplex Secure Ltd.
Message contain: Unable to create service, error code 2

I have vista ultimate 64 bit edition on computer

Intaillsing Daemon tools again

ps. I have no idea what SPTD is by way

26.02.2007, 05:03
SPTD is a vital part of the DTools virtual drives, though it has other applications used by other software also. Try downloading the latest version (1.42) from www.duplexsecure.com.

26.02.2007, 19:58
When installed that it come up same problem as with Daemon.

After try to installing ohter programs I think it is vista Ultimate is screw up fot it think it require administration privelege in adminstrator account lol. So has wait until get one friends over to help me fix vista before can install daemon on it.

So Thank you for try to help me.