View Full Version : Can't get supreme commander to work

26.02.2007, 17:07
I'm running Windows XP pro x64

got nothing special running in the bg i start up YASU it say's it has hidden the drives but yet the game say's 'Original disc could not be found or authenticated'....

any possible explenations?

26.02.2007, 20:33
Bad image, click on link in my signature.

26.02.2007, 20:54
No the image is good i had a friend test it and it worked fine

27.02.2007, 07:47
The message 'Original disc could not be found or authenticated' implies a bad image.

If your friend got it working why not just do what your friend did?

27.02.2007, 17:03
Cuz he did the same as i did :p

it just does work for him same steps, same image not working for me