View Full Version : Canґt start DAEMON after system repair

26.02.2007, 19:01

Iґve had some problems with my PC (the config file in Windows directory was damaged), so I used the Windows XP CD to repair it. Now it works fine again, but I canґt start DAEMON tools any more, this error occures: "Initialization error. This program requires at least Windows 2000 with SPTD with 4.1 or higher. Kernel debugger must be activated."

Also reinstall doesnґt work. How to solve this problem?

27.02.2007, 01:07
Install SPTD.

After windows repair the sptd.sys gets deleted from the systems folder, that's why.

27.02.2007, 16:12
Where can I download this SPTD?

27.02.2007, 19:36

01.03.2007, 13:32
Thanks :)

And another problem, which has nothing to do with Daemon Tools, but is annoying too: Since the system repair with Win XP CD, every time I start the PC, the standard Win XP design is loaded and the desktop wallpaper disappears. Its useless to change the design and the wallpaper, because when I start the PC the next time, the standard settings are loaded again...

Anyone has an idea why this is so? How can I change it?