View Full Version : Deamon tools for Mac, yes or no

thoughtful death
13.11.2003, 09:38
Operating System: osx jagquar
Burning Software: not shure
Anti-virus Software: not shure
DAEMON Tools Version: none

i was wondering if there was a deamon tools for mac please.

13.11.2003, 10:04
No. Afaik, you can mount standard iso's with mac though.

thoughtful death
13.11.2003, 11:27
so how do i go about this whole process know. if you dont mind

thoughtful death
13.11.2003, 11:28
so what do i do know. if you dont mind

13.11.2003, 19:37
afaik, we couldn't help you, just because we are Windows-User. I guess
most Users here have no experience with MacOS. Try a MAC-Site, I'm sure
they can help you