View Full Version : Malware?

28.02.2007, 18:19
I downloaded Daemon and when it was installing Avast (virus scanner) came up and tagged it as Malware under Adware. Why?

28.02.2007, 20:15
Since v4.0x Daemon Tools come with bundled adware to offer an option to support Daemon Tools development.
If you don't want to install the adware uncheck Daemon Tools Search Bar in installation dialog, or cancel WhenU EULA.
For further info check these threads:

02.03.2007, 07:19
Thank you for the help.
I unchecked the search bar while downloading and it installed without alerting Avast. But absolutely nothing happens when I try to open it, it is like an empty file.
Any more suggestions, I would like to avoid downloading the toolbar if possible.

02.03.2007, 10:27
If Daemon Tools is installed, you should see the tray icon (near the clock). The desktop icon actually just starts the tray application in case you disable autostart or exit the tray.