View Full Version : Possible to prevent DT from starting with windows?

28.02.2007, 23:05
I only use DT every so often, and it's certainly not something I use every time I boot up, so I was wondering if I could disable it from starting with windows.

It's not in the startup folder or services, which is kinda my limit tbh - I don't fancy messing around in the registry if I don't know where I'm going. Don't like using msconfig either, if possible.

Also I was wondering what the deal is with backing up game cds. On all the game manufacturer forums the admins and so on declare that any use of cd/dvd emulation is illegal, but then people on emulation forums say it isn't :confused:

So is backing a game you have purchased and currently own, and emulating it in order to save you having to use the disk perfectly ok?

01.03.2007, 10:19
Disable Autostart option in Daemon Tools Options menu.
If you use SPTD layer <1.42, updat to current version 1.42:

03.03.2007, 23:55
it still seems to be opening every time. I've updated the SPTD and I've tried various combinations of autostart and tray icon ticks to no avail