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02.03.2007, 18:36
Ok, I have a problem, and I dont know that I have seen this exact problem posted here before.

I installed daemon, Now when I put a Blank DVD in my DVD Burner it does not recognize the media correctly. The Burner worked fine before Dameon was installed.

Here is what happens.

1. Explorer will initially show the drive as a (DVD Burner).
2. But when I put in a Blank DVD the Explorer changes the drive to a CD-rom and says "Invalid media".

What I have tried.
1. Many different kinds of media (but the media worked fine before Daemon was installed)
2. CHKDSK /r from boot cd
3. Full repair from boot cd
4. Uninstalled Daemon (via the uninstall thread in common problems)
5. Removed SPTD.SYS
6. Format/Reinstall Windows (it still does it!)
7. Tried a Different burner (original was a NEC, New one is Samsung). It still happens to both.

mobo = p4i865pe v1
XP Pro

Please help! I am out of ideas!