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02.03.2007, 21:12
is a version being released for vista

02.03.2007, 23:39
Daemon Tools v4.08 works pretty ok in Vista.
Seems Vista still buggy though. Seems the old problem with Windows "forgetting" its .inf files - known from XP already - is still present. It should work to point manually to cdrom.inf though.
I'm using Daemon Tools since v1.0 and it never happend, so I'm still wondering why and when it actually does happen.

03.03.2007, 01:16
On my AMD 64x2, I download DT v4.08 and I get the message "this platform is not supprted." What Should I do??

03.03.2007, 11:13
Download the correct version - x64 version is for 64bit OS only. If you use 32bit OS you must use the x86 version.