View Full Version : sptd.sys last try!!

03.03.2007, 05:18
i appologize for starting a new thread but i just cant seem to figure out how to fix my laptop from the given info. its been awhile since my last post and my next and last resort is sending my laptop to the guys a bestbuy and i dont want to let it go that far. i, like so many others, uninstalled daemon tools right before a windows system update and then let the system restart. the lag happened at the boot screen and starting in safe mode or from the last know system restore point doesnt work. a couple people before me have talked about reinstalling daemon tools but i dont know how i'd get to do that if i cant get past the boot screen. removing the hard drive and putting it into someone elses computer doesnt give me access to my registry so i cant completely delete all of the files. please can someone help. i dont have the money to send my computer away and as you can tell, im a little below par on my info dealing with computers. any suggestions? thank you!:confused: