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14.11.2003, 05:41
Operating System: windows xp home
Burning Software: Nero Express
Anti-virus Software: none
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.41.0

Sorry expected a program to open when i clicked on the desktop icon
Ran an AVI file through AVI2VCD with TMPGEnc but can't get it to burn with NeroExpress. The DVD2VCD forum suggested using Daemontools to write the file to a virtual cd than use the disccopy in NeroExpress. First time I've used Daemontools and am totally unsure of what I'm doing. Was able to mount the .cue file but have no idea of the next step Went to NeroExpress and dropped in the file from the E: drive and burned a 2 sec CD Any help wouls be appreciated

14.11.2003, 05:50
You should try doing a disc copy and use virtual drive as source.

14.11.2003, 06:07
that's what i was trying to do. But how do I get the appropriate file onto the virtual drive (E: in my case) I was mounting the .cue file

14.11.2003, 06:57
This is fine. You should mount the cue file. You should then see your vcd contents on E:.

14.11.2003, 07:04
When I do that I get 4 folders, EXT, MPEG, SEGMENT, SVCD So I just indicate that I wish to copy Drive E: to my CDRW?
If so I couln't see the forest for the trees, I was looking for a movie file to copy. Guess I experienced brain freeze. Thanks for the help

14.11.2003, 08:49
So I just indicate that I wish to copy Drive E: to my CDRW?