View Full Version : Trouble mounting .iso files

04.03.2007, 02:00
I'm not sure if this is a Daemon Tools problem, a problem with my computer, or a problem with my .iso's.

Whenever i try to mount an .iso in Daemon Tools the program does nothing and just hangs. I have to end the process manually from the task manager. I've tried other mounting programs and they all do the same thing, which is why i don't think its a Daemon Tools problem.

Also, i've been able to mount some of the .iso files i've been having problems with before. I'm not sure what made those times special, but i can't mount them anymore.

Any help would be appreciated.

04.03.2007, 04:47
is it possible you upgraded/installed a new anti-virus lately?

Some users reported problems especially with new version
of F-Secure 2007 (maybe kaspersky is affected, too).

This new antiviruses check the whole .iso, when you mount

If this is the case, you have to:

a) check if avirus is the culprit, shut it down for a check, then mount .iso

b) as workaround if above said is true: configure your avirus so that it doesnt scan in .iso-files (and any other imagefile-extensions
that DT processes, as this is - from a secure-point of view - nonsense)

report back if problem persists