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04.03.2007, 14:34
hoi folks

i started a new thread, because the problems with the new dt version are horrible...

- nforce 4 mobo (A8N-SLI-Premium)
- cpu: amd x2 4800
- newest driver and so on

note: my system runs very fast and stable before i installed DT...

- ive installed a fresh win xp sp with all updates.
- then ive installed dt, newest version
- after first step of install, dt would reboot. ok.
- then, it shows: install complete and ask me, if i would start. i hit yes.
- dt is starting, plz wait. nothing appears. i hit reset (after 10 min of waiting).
- after the second reboot, i saw, that my system is very instable and my networking card (nforce 4 onboard) is going bad (dont work, but its shown in decivemanager).
- so i uninstalled DT, and rebooted


now my system is going bad a little BIT more...:/

gfx errors, networking card issn online and so on.
i killed all files, in registry and the s(bla).sys....


anyone here wrote: use sptdinst.exe - kill it, its in the dl section...hooo, i dont see it in there, where can i dl it?

so i tried at least a "single" install of the sptd drivers - and i get the message: bla key not ..bla...

i had DT on all systems befor, in THIS hardware configuration as it is now, but now..it dosent work.

what can i do, so i dont need to reinstall my FRESH windows?


04.03.2007, 16:40
Stand-alone SPTD installer is available here:
It's also recommended you install latest version 1.42.
To remove SPTD layer from registry disable SPTD service in registry (run regedit, browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Servic es\sptd and set Start value to 4), and reboot.
After reboot delete complete sptd key in services hive, if you get permission error, enable all permissions on cfg key.
Then re-install, beginning with SPTD layer v1.42.
After reboot run stand-alone installer again. If it says no SPTD layer version detected don't install Daemon Tools!
It seems you've some registry access problem, although the message "bla key not ..bla..." doesn't mean anything to me.

04.03.2007, 23:16
thx for ure info, but i read ure infos about the way to install, reinstall and uninstall dt and the 1.42 sptd driver.

but nothing of them works.

i get DT now working, but its killed my system. my networking card is not working. im on a another pc to write u that text.

and i cant reinstall my windos all the time...:/