View Full Version : Trouble installing Daemon tools v3.29

04.03.2007, 14:02
I wanted to install 3.29 to work with the chankast dreamcast emulator. I had used the latest version of daemon tools only to find it doesn't work with Chankast.
So when i install v3.29 it all seems to be workinf fine, it then asks me to reboot and when it reboots, my disks have to be checked for consistancy:confused: . And then when it goes into windows, it tells me that the virtual ssci drive is not found and i cannot properly install v3.29. It then also tells me that windows has recovered from a serious error. please help.
I am using Windows media center 2005

04.03.2007, 15:26
Support for v3.29 ended couple of years ago.

04.03.2007, 16:42
Support for v3.29 ended couple of years ago.
I understand but Chankast only works with v3.29 and i just want to know why i can't install it properly